Packplay – Neugestaltung von Butterverpackungen

User Centered Design klingt selbstverständlich. Und doch ist es immer wieder eine Herausforderung die Bedürfnisse der Nutzer bei der Gestaltung von Produkten in das Zentrum des Entwurfsprozesses zu stellen.

Das Packplay Project der HTW wurde von Kommunikationsdesignern und Industrial Designer gemeinsam bearbeitet. Das Thema bestand in der Neugestaltung von Butterverpackungen und passte hervorragend zur allgemeinen inhaltlichen Ausrichtung der Design-Ausbildung an der HTW mit den Schwerpunkten Universal Design Thinking, neue Technologien, und Sustainability.

Das deutsche Verpackungsinstitut (DVI) sowie das Unternehmen Weidenhammer unterstützen das Projekt mit technologischem KnowHow und fachlichem Feedback. Weidenhammer ist eines der weltweit erfolgreichsten Unternehmen im Bereich Inmold Packaging.


In Packplay

Le project Packaging Centré sur l’usage
Sylvain Allard
ISBN 978-2-9814796-0-0

Ausstellung in Montreal 2014

Alessia Sistori und Mara Holterdorf

Folding Butter – The revolution of the butter paper: The Revolution of butter paper builds on the traditional butter packaging and yet is something new and exciting. The folding models are all in the traditional format of butter; they preserve the feelings of the good old days, but also spread a new joy of a more innovative packaging. The small “errors” of the conventional butter paper were eliminated, such as no greasy fingers, no more anaesthetic paper on the breakfast table or no more annoying ripping of the butter paper. The new folding models are stable, functional and absolutely in line with the trend.


Two-way butter: Its innovative and young form characterizes the two-way butter. Discussions about who can use the butter first, cutting it or smearing it is no longer a problem while using the two-way butter. This new and innovative butter can be divided in two parts and therefore is perfect on the breakfast table or for baking.If it is half empty, you can easily reduce one half and it only takes up half the space in the refrigerator. It is an all through practical butter packaging.


Alexandra Matthies und Nicole Plock

The Butterbowl: Development of an innovative packaging for butter, based on several technologies, new usabilities and solutions.

Concept: The butter bowl attracts attention among conventional butter packaging’s through its untypical round form and the sleek design.The packaging was designed for single person households and couples that have a low butter consumption and want to prevent the butter from deteriorating. The bowl still contains the regular 250 grams but is split into two servings. Furthermore the two parts of the bowl allow a clean removal of the butter and integrate as a decorative element in a place setting. 

Closure technique: The two parts of the packaging are held together trough a closing lid. The lid also provides some space for a little inlay.

Reusability: The bowls of the packaging are suitable to reuse a few times to store left-over food or to serve some snacks. 

Label: The concept of the label design is representing the consistency of the butter in a graphical and a haptical way. On the front as well as on the back side of the bowl there is an embossed "smudge", that represents a spread piece of butter where the label is printed on to. Product ExtensionThe packaging concept is also adaptive to further dairy products.


Benjamin Hein und Dan Bossin

Buttermountain: This packaging shows the idealised habitat for a domesticated cow; High mountains, fresh air, green meadows and a bright shining sun. That wouldn’t only appeal to cows, but sadly the reality seems to be completely different. This packaging tells the story of a reality that should exist. It is a homage to the roots of stock-breeding. An aspect, which is now lost in the shelves of our supermarkets. The consumers should learn to be more critical with their groceries and their origin.  That’s the quintessence of our packaging. The product is presented on a pedestal, in order to properly honour it and to indicate the consumer that he/she should do the same.


Cathleen Thoms und Nadine Hädrich

Golden Spread – for thegreasing of moulds and pans: When greasing baking moulds thegrease should adhere to the mould andnot to the hands. Based on this objective, “Golden Spread” was designedas a butter glove consisting of a filmto which a butter-impregnated fleeceadheres. The product has been developedas a disposable product for rightas well as left handers. Apart from thename, also the graphic elements referto the properties of butter. It is to bemade commercially available in an outerpackaging with ten units. The idea canalso be applied to edible oil and thesparing greasing of coated pans andbaking dishes. The individual glovesto be withdrawn are kept flat in a resealablebag.


Dennis Meier

FATLady: The packaging concept fatlady combines the traditional butter block form and a modern opening mechanism. Similar to the current smartphones and tablets, the packaging is opened by sliding. The traditional butter block presents itself on a black plastic board after sliding/removing the lid. Three markers for easier portioning (50 g each) are embedded in the ground of the black board. A clean and easy removal of the butter is ensured and markers help users optimally in cooking and baking. The opening direction is also underlined through haptic: the graphically designed mouth of the fatlady is recessed into the lid. The packaging can be used for other purposes, also as a lunchbox. The red color of the packaging design reflects the elegance of a lady to stand out from margarine. In addition, it is emotional, and suggests desire, seduction and power. Unique features like the slide-opening mechanism let users recognize the packaging well.


Joana Sonnhoff

Sportbutter: Form follows function and provides therefore a good control. Easy handling due to the flexible pressure closure. The sweeping form stands out distinctly from the previous butter packaging. It can be opened with one hand and speaks through their sporty look a wide clientele. The shape in combination with the design shows that butter is healthy and important.

Benefits: Resealable cleaneasy handlingconcise formform follows function 

Artwork: Sporty, fresh and moderndark and bold colorsgloss finishes and shiny printsunusually


Katja Lange

Two in one: “Two in one” is a butterbox for the small household. It offers place for two servings of butter in one box. Small households have the possibility to proportionate the butter and divide the butter according to their usage. The small total quantity of 150 g (75 g + 75g) is a good alternative to a big butterbox. The aesthetic form offers a simple, but nice presentation on the table. Besides, this butterbox can be used as a different packaging after the normal usage. The creation of the butter dish is leant to the yin yang - symbol. The middle of the box is separated by a wave. Both separated boxes are commensurate and have the same amount of butter. The way how the lid is conceived allows to use only one tool to produce both halves. While you can click both halves into each other you can also separately open them and leave the counterpart closed. Besides its main functions it’s possible to stack the boxes on top of each other.


Nick Oelschlägel

Butterballs: You should not have to argue about who gets the butter first. The butterballs not only cause a lot of fun but they are easy to share on a breakfast table. One variation of the butterballs can be transformed into an eggcup after finishing the butter. Nothing needs to be thrown away.


Gordon Rack, Philipp Kuehn und Katrin Kleemann

Perfektionist: “Knicke” is an ingenious folding packaging, which presents the butter on a pedestal. Once you swing the two lids around the packaging and under the bottom of the packaging the butter will be presented on a pedestal. The butter now can be used freely from each side.


Sabrina Moschütz

The baking butter: For this package, the topic has been narrowed down to a specific area of ​the usage of butter: the Baking. Whether cake, pie, cookies or other pastries, anywhere butter is a important component. Can the butterpackaging support and simplify the use and handling? Yes, it can! The exact pre-portioned amount of butter avoid the troublesome weighing, so the fingers can stay clean. The cake-making process is getting much easier by heating the butter in the microwave and make it liquid. The packaging is both left and right handed usable. Large tabs on both sides allow it to open easily. The packaging is also stackable, it is saving material by omit a cover and is sorted recyclable after use. In addition, the baking butter stands out, not at least because of its uncommonly form. Summarized: The perfect mini measuring cup for professianl baking!


Tobias Dreifke

All in: The versatility distinguishes itself above all by the form of the body and the lid. The appearance of the packaging reminds of a butter pot. The today's (German) market situation shows that there are hardly forms for packaging which falls from the grid and therefore a chamber pot is ideal to protrude from the mass. The packet is suited perfectly to offer different dimensions. The lid is conceived in a way that it is easier to be opened and closed by people with motor difficulties. Above all, however, the creation freedom of the lid is important, because here color and contrasts can achieve a high effectiveness. For example, visual-affected can be led to the flap by high contrasts. Also the body can be ideally formed by color like the lid. The aim of the packaging is to show, e.g., a blind or visual-weak person the way to the lid by combination of surface state of the finger indentation or by color contrasts. By the easy feel this succeeds playing simply and by the big flaps of the lid is quickly clear as the service functions. By feeling the form and materials of the packaging it is quite simple to find the big flaps and how to use them.


Melanie Twele

BUTTERCUPS: Butter gets a new experience with buttercups. The piping bag could be the novel packaging that makes butter to a very decorative and easily portionable spread.
Beyond the new image of an appetizing and attractive spread, the butter piping bag enables to serve various butter preparations in an easy and clean way.Butter as an appetizing and attractive spread “Do-It-Yourself”

Novel experience

Clean and Easy to use
Stable packaging

Easily recyclable, made of one material (For example, PLA)
Flat star nozzle

Fresh seal closure